33 Commits (mistress)

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xenofem 0f9a66b736 updated web deploy config 5 months ago
xenofem 4d1b375c35 use textContent rather than innerText 11 months ago
xenofem 3eb7ff7bae use favicon.ico 1 year ago
xenofem 179e0b7133 use Raleway for stroop induction 1 year ago
xenofem 4b86b67e54 use variable fonts 1 year ago
xenofem 77b8398175 add deploy script 1 year ago
xenofem 1a806ef2c8 use nicer-looking spiral as favicon 1 year ago
xenofem e6f1f6c4ef reinitialize grid on window resize 1 year ago
xenofem 239457b02c show/hide back button for hex animation 1 year ago
xenofem f56bb48811 add hex animation 1 year ago
xenofem a0589885e3 remove unused partial 1 year ago
xenofem 43fe681c2a move toggle styling into separate stylesheet 1 year ago
xenofem 3b5f1bad7e automatic page listing 1 year ago
xenofem 930c9bf049 don't start colors animation when we click back button 1 year ago
xenofem 00acdb5901 don't show reload button on colors before pressing play 1 year ago
xenofem 1e20792a0d refactor as hugo site 1 year ago
xenofem 89736633b5 add nav buttons to loading and clean up intervals 1 year ago
xenofem f97243199d update source link and add new widget to listing 1 year ago
xenofem 888079aa78 make language configurable 1 year ago
xenofem cc53246d76 Add spinny and status messages 1 year ago
xenofem 3d3d3072c8 basic progress bar animation 1 year ago
Xenofem 8b593d5fec Added viewport info for mobile 3 years ago
Xenofem 351d85c69c nicer-looking controls 3 years ago
Xenofem e615061555 rough draft of checkbox hack 3 years ago
Xenofem 17d96b86e0 Better front page 3 years ago
Xenofem 4896ae8aab Add Raleway font 3 years ago
Xenofem 46d9b38325 Better centering, general cleanup 3 years ago
Xenofem a5bdcb9f82 remove overridden incorrect width 3 years ago
Xenofem bc9fb945af Rough landing page 3 years ago
Xenofem da1a7e55cd Progressive Web App manifest 3 years ago
Xenofem 81ad792ffb Switch to JSLint license 3 years ago
Xenofem 514de3c803 Add existing widgets 3 years ago
xenofem 5827499293
Initial commit 3 years ago