Better web UI for viewing COVID wastewater data
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A better web UI for COVID wastewater data

💩📈 is a simple web server that periodically downloads a data PDF from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, parses it to extract the data, and serves the data as CSV and JSON along with a simple Chart.js-based web frontend.

Environment variables

  • CACHED_PDF_PATH: file path to save the PDF to. Default: ./data.pdf.
  • STATIC_DIR: directory containing static files to serve. Default: ./static/.


Nix Flakes

nix run git+

(The Nix package is wrapped with STATIC_DIR set automatically to the correct Nix store path, so it'll serve the static files properly no matter what directory you run it from.)


git clone
cd poop-graph
cargo run --release

Other setup

  • 💩📈 serves HTTP on, and is meant to be used behind a reverse proxy (e.g. Nginx), ideally with SSL certificates (e.g. Let's Encrypt). If you prefer, you could also use that web server to serve the static files, and only pass requests for /data.csv and /data.json to 💩📈.
  • You'll probably want to set up a service (systemd or whatever your OS uses) to start 💩📈 automatically with environment variables set appropriately.